When it comes to picking a winner of Horse Betting Singapore, how do you do it? Many books have been written about selecting and finding the right filly or colt to put your money on over the years.
It is not easy to find winners in horse racing Singapore Betting. Nevertheless, we do it every day on our free horse racing tips page, and we source winning bets. Horse racing: how can you win? Put yourself on the right path by checking out our beginner’s guide to winning at Singapore Online Casino!

Don’t just bet on the favourite:-

The horse racing industry is notorious for its unpredictability. It’s rare for the favorite to win on the first race, so if you go to an event and bet all your money on the favorites, you’re more likely to lose.

In the end, the house always wins, and the secret is not to look for the horse with a high chance of winning, but rather for the one with the most value. Do your research and know your selections to find value. As they say, knowledge is power, so the more you investigate, the more fun it will be!

Understanding horse racing terminology:-

In Horse Racing, as in any sport around the world, there are a lot of different terms and phrases that need to be understood. You need to become familiar with these phrases, so take a look at our Glossary under the Guides section!

Get to know your horses:-

Easy Last Time Out Winners –It is not uncommon for horses in form to win two to three races in a row. Look for easy winners from last time out that look like they can go in again as a good starting point.

Good rating figures –
If the horse you are looking for ran a personal best last time out, you may be onto something great.

Race comments – This knowledge can be important. On the off chance that if you’re looking on the web, look for ponies that have said to ‘ran on well’ or ‘stimulate’, and you’ll track down a filly or yearling in fine fettle.

Change in class – coaches can place more vulnerable ponies in ‘higher’ class races in anticipation of a marvel. So if you’re checking out at a sprinter with a fair late record, look at its resistance’s nature. Moreover, if a pony has dropped down a class, it very well may merit a look.

The organization – different ponies in the race will influence how it’s run and what chance your contestant will have. Assuming there are a couple ‘front running’ ponies that like to start bright and early, then the possibilities of an untouchable remaining the speed are impossible.

Returning – while it’s not difficult to zero in on the ponies who ran extraordinarily well the last break and put or won, if you need the huge costs (your 33/1s, etc.) the mystery comes in attempting to place where a pony might have run gravely yet be prepare to run a major race, either in light of an adjustment of conditions or for a few unfortunate pursues a break.

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